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Online Automatic Plastic PVC PE PPR Pipe Laser Marking Printer Machine
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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine adopts international most advanced technology and the laser source is fiber with USA IPG technology, lifetime can reach100, 000 hours, 8-10 years without any consumables and maintenance. The diode coupling with fiber to process pump, the pump light will course the particles reverse which can emit high quality laser beam. This is the best choice for the customers who have special requirements to the smallest & finest laser beam and character. This laser printer machine is widely used in plastic pipes, plastic buttons, battery cover, metal ware, LED light surface, electronic products, and other graphic surface etc. 

In past two years, more and more laser printing machines as pipe marking machine are widely used in plastic pipe extrusion line due to this kind pipe printing machine without any ink, make up, no any extra cost except power.

Feature of Fiber Laser Printing Machine

1. Best Marking Effect: the laser beam of fiber laser is fine and thin. It can provide the best marking effect among all the laser machine machines.

2. Deep Marking: Fiber laser can make deep marking up to 1.0mm on stainless steel and aluminum. While YAG and Diode marking only could mark 0.2mm-0.3mm. So it’s suitable for the industries which has high requirement to the depth and accuracy.

3. Higher Accuracy: fiber laser can reach up to 0.001mm precision, while diode only


4. 10 Years Long lifetime: We used the fiber laser module made by USA IPG technology; the lifetime of the fiber laser device is 10 thousand hours, so the machine can be used for 8-10 years. As for diode laser module is 2 thousand to 3 thousand hours and only can be used for 1-3 years.

5. No consumables: Fiber laser machine can be used for 8-10 years with any consumables.

6. No need to adjust the laser path: fiber laser beam comes out from the fiber device directly, so no need to adjust the laser optical path. While Diode laser need to adjust the laser optical path regularly.

7. Free of Maintenance: Fiber laser machine can be used free of maintenance. Diode laser need to change the diode module and recycle water regularly.

8. Use Integrated Air Cooling: Fiber laser uses integrated air cooling, and the cooling effect is excellent. Also, air cooling no need to maintain, save many cost and energy.

9. Low Power Consumption: low cost, only 0.5kw/hour. While Diode is 3kw/hour and YAG is 5kw/hour. Fiber laser is more economized and environmental.

10. Small and compact: the volume of fiber laser marking machine is small, only 0.5 M2. It can be put in desk and easy to install.

Known as one of the leading online automatic plastic pvc pe ppr pipe laser marking printer machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, Magstar Machinery is your trustable source for the equipment. And with the aid of advanced equipment and technology, we can assure you of its high quality and competitive price.

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